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After researching various types of programs, pay plans, and the human behaviors in reaction to them, we have come up with the Build My Income Daily.com Direct Affiliate Program 'A Reverse 1-Up Member-to-Member Instant Compensation System'

We have found that the only way to keep members building any system is to capture their attention. 'The Only Way' to keep them paying attention is to keep them earning money. Here's what we came up in our study and what we have done about it in the Compensation Plan...

Network marketers need to get back their initial outlay as soon as possible:

Thus, we made the plan in such a way that they get Reimbursed right away and also start to Leverage their Income in the process.

Network marketers need to have an infinite way to leverage their income:

This is actually impossible in most other pay plans because if you pay out up to 85% to a person on just their referral, you have no more allotment for other levels or ranks. This is solved with the 'Build My Income Daily System' where you receive infinite pass ups to you. The compounding effect of our Build My Income Daily.com Compensation System is what turns your $29.99 a month subscription payment into a staggering residual income!

Network marketers don't like passing up referrals, but want referrals passed up to them:
This is sad but true. In order for you to earn the kind of money that changes lives, an amount of money needs to be exchanged for product. We feel that it is certainly a lot easier to leverage your referrals rather than paying a higher price for your product purchases. A direct referral pays you $20, $100 or $200 instantly for our products, BUT, because they owe you 1 roll up, as a qualify sale that is part of our compensation plan that is equivalent to $20, $100 or $200 in instant commission sales that will be paid directly to your Account.

Network marketers love programs with higher entry-to-payout ratios:
It does not get any better than this folks, you earn $20 of ALL your direct sales, and qualify roll ups on level 1, $100 on level 2 and $200 on Level 3 that gets paid directly to you.


Let Build My Income Daily.com Show YOU How to Leverage Unlimited Profits Forever


  • It is impossible to find a program that will pay you faster than the BMID's Direct Member-to-Member Affiliate Compensation System!
  • It is impossible to find a program that will reimburse your entire start up cost faster than BMID!
  • You Can Boost Your Income Instantly!

    Network marketers want value in the product they pay for:
    For $29.99 monthly you get access to the Basic Membership that includes:
    - BMID Traffic Box 
    - Tons Of FREE Marketing Resources
    - Daily Success Plan
    - Instant Affiliate Commissions
    - Sales Banner Ad Images
    - Autopilot Marketing System
    - Suite of Tools and Resources To Help Build Any Business
     - Understanding List Building
    - Learn How-to Build Yourself A List
    - A Digital Resell Rights eBook Library. Updated Monthly
    - 38 Professional Auto-responder Follow-up Messages
    - A Website "Bulk mailer" Solo Email Sender Script Send Up to 300+ an hour
    - Step By Step Instructions On How To Get Started Making Money In 24 Hours
    - A Replicated Website Just Like This One That You're On Now
    - A List Of Over 1,200+ Facebook Groups With Over 9,000,000 Plus Members.

    Network marketers love to earn residual monthly income from the network they have built, but dislike paying monthly themselves:
    Any system must have monthly payments in order to provide residual income for members. What we did is to have monthly payments but at a very affordable to price point for all around the world. Just $29.99 a month (of course you continue to get access to new products every month). Plus, in the 2nd month subscription payments of all your remaining directs and of all those rolled up to you, you earn $20, $100, & $200 each. Receiving $20, $100 & $200 from hundreds or even thousands of people monthly with only a monthly cost to you of $29.99 to get started is a

    Network marketers like an easy to understand, non-complicated program so they can easily explain it:
    KISS, "Keep It Simple Stupid" We have listened to those wise words and have kept it simple to understand. A compensation plans needs to not only work for you the member but it also needs to be easily explained to others. We only have one compensation plan and it is quite simple and easy to understand. We have found that complicated pay plans basically act like smoke and mirrors to confuse people so they can't figure them out.

    If You're Sick Of Being Beat Up Financially By Other Programs, And You're Ready To Finally Start Making Some Real Money... Take The Keys To Your Financial Feature Right Now!

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